Sunday, August 17, 2014

Khao Sok Jungle Exploration

A full day of adventure, fun, nature and culture. We were picked up at the hotel by a minivan which took us to the Khao Sok area. We made a short stop at Takuapa where we had the chance to visit an authentic Thai market with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, fish and clothes... On the way to Khao Sok National Park the guide gave us a lot of very interesting information about its history. First we visited an old temple located at the entry of a cave in the middle of the jungle. There we could see an ancient cave painting and the mummy of a monk.
Further we continued our trip to the “Sok River”. We went on canoes and were paddled through the great outdoors. Here and there we saw birds and we were lucky because we even saw three yellow-black colored snakes up in the trees. Being paddled through this picturesque landscape seemed very unrealistic to me and it was like a dream. About an hour later the minivan picked us up some kilometers down the stream.  After canoeing we went to the rock and tree house where we were served a variety of Thai food- it was “mai pet” (not spicy) and everyone liked it.  Next we went to the elephant camp. Here we were allowed to ride elephants.
The elephant carried us through the deepest forest, crossed small rivers and brought us back to the camp safely. It was good to see that the mahouts treated the elephants nicely. After the ride we fed the elephants with bananas and took amazing pictures. With a heavy heart we left the gentle elephants behind and returned to our hotels. 
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